About Us

South Sri Lanka Property is part of Ela Group.
Ela Group is investing in its own projects as well as working on creating UK-based Investment Fund for Sri-Lankan property.
South Sri Lanka Property provides real estate consultancy and advisory services in the South of Sri Lanka. We act for the buyer rather than the seller, often telling people what not to buy and why rather than just sourcing and brokering the deal on the property.
If you decide to invest in Sri Lankan property we are capable of finding the right property for you and facilitating the deal from the beginning to the end.
We are constantly on the look-out for the best property deals monitoring closely the prices in the South and South West,  the area we know intimately.

Our story

We came to Sri Lanka for a holiday in 2011.

We have toyed with the idea of having a tropical home for a while. We have been looking everywhere we went for winter sun holidays: from Carrabien to Bali as well in South Europe.

But we never liked anything enough to stay.

When we visited Sri Lanka for the first time we had our customary look at the properties… and bought one. It was just a bare piece of land two minutes walk from the famous Unawatuna beach on the hill which gave it fantastic panoramic views over the bay.

We fantasised about having Bawa style villa sprawling over our breezy plot, paid for architectural plans…and never built it. But we bought another piece of land on our next visit… And on the subsequent visit, we bought as well…

By this time the first one doubled in price and we sold it… (Now, the person who bought it from us built a spectacular sumptuous home with mesmerising views…)

We decided to set up the agency to do the same thing for the other foreigners as well as help them with all other aspects of relocation, building, various permissions etc…

South Sri Lanka Property was born.

Our Team

Veronica Page 


I am a professional investor and over the past few years, I’ve become acutely aware of how great an investment Sri Lankan property is.  I own multiple properties in southern Sri Lanka and have seen and continue to see some amazing returns.  I’m originally from Russia and spent 20 years in the UK.

Having moved to Sri Lanka now 4 years ago to take advantage of the property growth deals, I’ve seen so many foreigners make mistakes, get ripped off, form the wrong kind of structure or just generally fumble around when buying property here.  The rules are really different from the rules in the West, so we are dedicated to guide foreigners through the process and ensure they avoid the mistakes so many others make.

My take on Sri Lanka: Right now I see Sri Lanka as having the most lucrative opportunities for property investing.  They arise from a climate of weak legislation, abundant low-cost resources and a thirst for western finance and expertise.

I am convinced that if investors play their cards right, they can use my knowledge and experience to maximise on the real estate opportunities which are ripe in Sri Lanka now.

What I can do for you: I can first discuss your dreams, ideas or business plans. We will cover your concerns, perceived risks and answer your questions. I then can introduce you to the most lucrative opportunities on the real estate market as well as simplify the investment process for you by sharing my real life experience and combining that with our extensive on the ground knowledge and negotiation skills. I can also provide development consultancy, guidance on building/permissions/regulations and project management for clients developments.

I will not try to sell you anything without first understanding and evaluating your business model. I might talk you off the investment altogether or a particular investment you had in mind. But if you decide to go ahead with your investment I can source any property for you including redirecting you to other agents.

The main difference for a client who works with me rather than any other property agent is that my job is not to push one of my listings to the client but explain the benefits and the pitfalls of each option. I am not motivated by the seller’s commission, which makes a major difference. I work for you!

Stephen Page


An entrepreneur and investor I have been involved in many different enterprises all over the world in the last 40 years. Most recently buying real estate in UK, USA and Sri Lanka.
My role within SSLP is to bring corporate governance to the company as well as client companies. We set up our own company secretarial services and can advise buyers on all aspects of buying property in SL. I am also involved in the UK as a FCA regulated person providing corporate finance services for early-stage investments.

My take on Sri Lanka: After the war finished in 2009 tourism has gone from 0.5m to 2.5m as the country has opened up once again. With tourism growing fast there is a need for places to stay. As a result of this demand, property prices have grown rapidly. With the potential only just kicking in I believe there are many years of rapid growth in tourism and therefore in property prices. And even if you are not looking for tourist income Sri Lanka offers the best country in the world to live.
What I can do for you: Advise on the buying process, provide corporate structure to suit and generally share my experience of over 5 years in SL.

Akila Eranga

Customer Relations

I am Akila. I am an enthusiastic person who has a good sense of humour. Over the past two years, I’ve been working for South Sri Lanka Property which for me was a wonderful opportunity to have.  As a young individual who just started a career life, I was privileged to learn the volume of new things about business practices.

My role covers various customer related issues: talking to both sellers and buyers, getting their details, information about properties or enquiries, dealing with all aspects of listings on our website, helping to present our company on social media platforms. I am also involved in advertising and website maintenance and so on…

What I will do for you: I probably will be your first port of call as a customer. Hope to do my best for you and be of help.


Nayani Guruge

Company secretary

I cover all administrative roles in the company. You can call me office manager, administrator, paperwork trail organizer, book-keeper and company secretary for all our companies of the Ela Group as well as advising on the structure and implementing it for our clients…

I am Practising Company Secretary licensed by the Dept. of Registrar of Companies, having more than 15 years experience in Company Secretarial matters.

If you decide to act as an investor in this country not in your personal capacity but use what most of the ex-pats and investors refer as “a structure” you will first of all deal with me.

I will explain to you in detail how to buy in Sri Lanka and how to make your investment safe and workable.

My other credentials, experience and qualifications include:

– Being Graduate & Associate Member (ACIS) of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators – the United Kingdom.

– Practising independently as a Company Secretary while managing own family business of Architecture and printing of building plans in Galle.

– Experience in book-keeping

– Experience in dealing with all government bodies necessary for permissions, registrations, licenses…

What I can do for you:

I will take over all your bureaucratic hassle here on the ground if this is what you need for your operations in Sri Lanka.