Property Tour

Property Tour

Highlights of Property Opportunities in The South of Sri Lanka

If you are considering relocation or buying the property in Sri Lanka you might find it useful to have an in-depth chat about all the pitfalls, risks, unforeseen complications as well as the most promising opportunities.

So, here we are, at your service to enlighten you.

This is a short and informative introduction to the best opportunities to make investment into the buoyant property market of Sri Lanka.

We will start with a short chat about your interests, dreams and preferences.

Whether you have an idea of business, dream house or any commercial model in mind we will give you out take on whether it is viable, easy to ralise and what can go wrong in Sri Lanka based on our extensive experience in development and working on wide range of projects here.

Then there will be a three-hour excursion around the areas we recommend or you have a specific interest in.

Over lunch we can discuss the process of buying in SL, the legal side and logistics of the purchase in Sri Lanka.

We can also cover other areas you may be interested in such as building costs, project management of the building and operation of the property, investment prospective, taxes as well all other specific aspects of the ex-pat life…

The tour will give you a full overview of all aspects of buying property as well as an enjoyable experience doing something you may not do otherwise.

Veronica Nikiporenko, CEO of SSLP and an ex-pat of 6 years will pass on her array of experience and knowledge on all things property related.

Price: 10000 Rs for one or two people.

Time: 10am-2pm.

If your party consists of more than two people we can discuss a small surcharge.

The price covers light lunch, beverages, petrol and car hire.

The tour will cover  local land and property opportunities which will give you a flavour of the exciting and fast growing real estate market in the beautiful beach areas of South Sri Lanka.

The tour will take you in a comfortable vehicle around the South of Sri Lanka’s hot spots for property investment.

You will see:

  • Best opportunities on the beach
  • Attractive “cheap” plots inland
  • Colonial Houses
  • Stunning cliff land
  • Plantations and Hills

These is the standard fair most foreign buyers are interested in. If you have any other specific types of property you are interested in, please let me know in advance and we can discuss it.

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